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Common terminology and explain the paint

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1 . surface drying time
        Dried under predetermined conditions , a wet film thickness of the surface from a liquid to a solid but liquid at the time of the desired channel .
2 . hard drying time
         Dried under predetermined conditions , from the liquid film thickness applied to the formation of a good time required for the solid film .
3 . transparency
        The ability of light through the material .
        Transparency can indicate varnishes , paints and thinners are under contain mechanical impurities and turbidity .
4 . density
         At a predetermined humidity , mass per unit volume of the object .
         Common units of kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3), grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3).
5. viscosity
        The flow of liquid has internal resistance.
6. non-volatile matter content: solids content
         The amount of non-volatile matter contained in the coating .
        General use of non-volatile matter mass expressed as a percentage , you can also use the volume percentage.
7 . fineness of grind
         A measure of the paint pigment and extender pigment dispersion degree . That is, under the conditions specified in the standard fine resulting meter readings, the meter reading represents the depth of fine groove somewhere , usually in micrometers (μm) said .
8. storage stability
         Under specified conditions, odor resistant coatings which may be produced after storage , consistency, crust, thick back , bottom, changes in the degree of caking properties .
9. compatibility
        A product is mixed with another product , instead of having adverse effects ( such as precipitation , coagulation, thickening , etc.) capabilities.
10. hiding power
Paints ability to eliminate differences in the color or colors on the substrate .
11. application property
Ease of construction paint .
    Note: The paint construction is good, generally refers to the paint easily applied ( brush, spray, dip , etc. ) , good leveling , does not appear sagging, wrinkling, shrinking edge, bleeding , bite the bottom ; Dry moderate , easy polished, re-coating is good, and the environmental conditions required for the construction of low .
12. recoatability
A coating for the same level of difficulty and the effect of the multilayer coating .
13. film thickness
Measure the film thickness , typically in micrometers (μm) said .
14. gloss
An optical properties of the surface , the reflected light of its ability to express.
15. adhesion
    Degree ( physical and chemical ) between the film and the fastness binding surface to be coated . Coated surface may be a bare metal substrate may be painted .
16. Hardness
Film resistance , such as collision , indentation , scratch and other mechanical force capabilities.
17. Flexibitity
       Film substrate together with its ability to shape the degree without the risk of damage.
18. Abrasion resistance
       Film resistance to friction effects .
19. rubbing property
    Paint or putty , polished with pumice , sandpaper and other materials ( dry or wet milling ) , the degree of difficulty to produce a smooth matt surface .
20. yellowing
         Film appears yellow during aging tendency.
21. temperature change resistance
        After the film by alternating hot and cold temperature changes while maintaining its original performance capability .

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